Roses are red, violets are blue and rose gold jewellery is the new classic (it’s true!)

Rose gold jewellery isn’t just another fleeting trend, it’s the new standard when it comes to bling. Feeling just as glamorous as gold or silver jewellery, rose gold adds instant drama without overwhelming (or over weighing) your look.

Your jewellery box deserves a rose gold facelift. And these high street pieces are the perfect way to add it into your collection at affordable prices. They’re unique, yet simple and very wearable. Work these pieces into a statement look with mixed metals and textured pieces, or try wearing just a few rose gold pieces together for a feminine every day look that will accent your outfit without detracting from it.


Look for Less! Victoria Beckham does casual

Victoria Beckham will always remain a fashion inspiration from her statement dresses to her killer heels she’s always wowing the nation with her sleek looks. Earlier in the day she was spotted touching down in South Africa, looking effortlessly chic in her casual but statement choice of clothing.

At Salaam Style HQ we loved VB’s style that turned stripe into statement. So we put it together  the look for less that you can get from your nearest high street. We also added the soft  floral scarf giving a true vibe of spring creating a great Hijabi look.

Exclusive: The first Muslim Woman taking over 170 wickets in the last five years of playing cricket and with no intention of stopping yet!

Exclusive: The first Muslim Woman taking over 170 wickets in the last five years of playing cricket and with no intention of stopping yet!

Salma Bi, 27, the first Muslim woman in history to play for the Worcestershire county cricket women’s team and also the winner of the Asian women of achievement award in 2012 for her cricketing achievements. As a registered Haemodialysis nurse by day and sporting superstar by night, Salma has not only proven to be a success story but a true inspiration and role model to the young.


M: What has been your career highlights so far?

S: Representing a great sport as a Muslim female. As well as being a Leading wicket Taker in the Women’s Midland Leagues with 24 Wickets (88 Career) and Runner-up in my Club Teams with 39 Wickets (224 Career Wickets since 2005).  I was also given the opportunity to play at lords representing Moseley Cricket Club Women vs. Japan a Tour game which will always bring back memories, playing alongside Ebony Rains-ford and Caroline Atkins under the captaincy of Number 1 Batswoman Clare Taylor.

Recently what came as a delightful surprise was when I got a call stating I was a finalist at the first ever Birmingham Sports Awards 2013, which took place Thursday 19th September at Edgbaston. I was honoured to go up on stage to receive the Finalist award for all Contributions to Sports presented by Ian Bell MBE for Sports Woman of the Year alongside World Triathlon Champion Jodie Stimpson and Paralympic Tennis Player Jordanne Whiley.

M:   How many years have you played cricket?

S: I have played since I was ten and then club level since I was 15 so over twelve years professionally.

 M: Who was your role model whilst growing up and how did you incorporate them into your work?

S: I began playing cricket aged 10 alongside my brothers and father. The sport started to influence me. During the World Cup Watching one of my role-models Shane Warne I wanted to implement the art and over time mastered the his great off-spin using my own unique unorthodox spin.

 M: Where has your most successful match been played?

S: In 2012, I made an appearance for a T20 side and hit a best 34 not out in five overs with non-stop fours and sixes. I finished with career best figures of 5-13 off four overs for North Wales club Hawarden Park’s T20 team. Also in 2012, I took four wickets for Worcestershire for the first time. Sometimes all it takes is to get a little boost and the whole team will gain confidence.

M:  What interested you into cricket did you find it challenging at first as Muslim women are often portrayed as weak objects in the media did you prove this was in fact the opposite?

S: I hope I did! As a young girl being talented and creative it caused quite a stir. I have been up against many barriers being Muslim – fitting in, not having the facility to practise and starting at an older age, but I have no regrets. Cricket has always helped me develop as a person. I believe it all comes down to commitment and passion.  When I am taking a break from firing the line I am supporting my younger sister Anisha, who represents Warwickshire under 17′s county side. My other younger sister Aisha was recently selected for West Bromwich Albion Football Club’s Scholarship Programme. I am proud of them and believe that the stereotype of Muslim Women in the media casts a falsehood of opinionated bias.

M: How do you encourage young Muslim women in the local community to get involved?

S: I am the founder of cricket coaching venture Believe in M.A.D (Making a Difference). Along with Gemma Smith, we have hosted the first-ever 10-hour and 20-hour women’s non-stop futsal marathons, as well as the Women’s Indoor Cricket T10 World Cup during 2012. These three big events took place in Birmingham and we had a fantastic response from young girls.

Not only did these events help girls get into sports, they also educated them about charities was raised for. Running an event without any funding, I managed to raise over a £1,000 each for The National Autistic Society and Mencap Disability.

The reason for organising these events was two-fold – raise money for deserving causes and encourage female participation in sport.

M: When it comes down to careers you have chosen is it hard juggling the two?

S: When I am not performing, coaching, umpiring or hosting big world record attempts, I enjoy working as a full time haemodialyisis renal adult nurse in a Birmingham hospital at the main renal unit which delivers care to in and out-patients.

Working as a qualified nurse for over three years, has  proven two vital careers can be juggled and combined in a way that not only have an impact on my life but for others around me.

M:  As you have made previously made history, did there become pressure to perform your utmost best?

S: It’s not always the norm for an Asian girl to participate in any form of sports outside school hours or above the age of 16. So breaking out of that barrier and focusing on cricket has made me perform at the best of my standards. Now I not only play cricket for women’s teams, but I also turn out regularly for men’s sides in the Birmingham area. I believe this has happened through putting hard work in. I don’t want to stop yet so I believe I need to carry on performing at my utmost best.

M: If you were allowed to pursue another career what would it be and why?

S: I love a bit of basketball and Hockey but Look forward to playing Futsal and Football during the training season.

M: What do you think about today’s Muslim women?

I feel there are more and more role models to look up to, The Iran Futsal Team, Laila Ali Muslim Athletics, Asian Cricket women’s Squads and Muslim Organisations. However there is a big lack in the exposure of highlighting these women. We need to encourage each and every one and work alongside more Muslim Organisation, I was recently contacted by the Muslim Sports Organisation to become an ambassador, we need more networking and if bigger teams can support the prolific athletics it creates more interest.

Six ways to love yourself and no longer let stress takeover!

We all have that problem that will never go away, that dress that will never fit, that pile of work in the corner that only seems to grow. Sometimes we let the smallest worries take over our lives and forget about loving ourselves. Remember to love yourself is one of the manifestations of God’s love in life. Salaam Style share six steps on how to convert stress into love.


 1. Goodbye

It’s always good to start to say goodbye to unaccomplished wishes, and unattained expectations from the past that have only caused you grief. It’s time to let go you deserve a fresh start.

Remember the old saying, “what is destined to reach you will reach you even if it is underneath the mountains, and what is not destined to reach you will not reach you even if it is already between your two lips.”

2. Positive Thinking

It may not sound like much, but it is helpful. This may be hard in the beginning, especially if you are a cynical person, but give it a try for a few days. Positive thinking will enable you with happiness and serenity from within. You may find that simple mundane things that caused stress before no longer adversely affect you.

3. Don’t under value and compare yourself to others

“He who undervalues himself is justly undervalued by others” – William Hazlitt. Put yourself first and stop comparing your life to others, it breeds you little but harsh judgments, frustrations, and despair. Accept the fact that everybody is destined to be different. Being grateful for everything you have will set your heart at peace. Nobody can do a better job of being you — except you!

Remember “Allah has already set for everything a [decreed] extent.” (65: 3)

4. Distribute kindness from within

“So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it” (99: 7).

Spread joy and happiness to others. There are lots of simple ways to do this. Give someone a smile. Donate to charity. Volunteer to be a teacher for unfortunate kids. Help an elderly person to cross the street. All in all, make it a habit to do good things, even when people do not see it. Live in a way such that when your children think of love, fairness, caring and integrity, they will think of you.

5. Focus on your achievements

People are often more likely to focus on their failures than their achievements (probably as some sort of self-protection in order to avoid future failures). It’s okay to acknowledge the things that didn’t go swimmingly, but if you really want to love yourself, you have to spend most of your time thinking about what you did right. And, remember, even the little things deserve a pat on the back.

6. Travel

Some people say: “Travel far enough and you will meet yourself.” If you find yourself having difficulty remembering when was the last time you went somewhere distant, it is time to pack your bags and go for an adventure. You will be surprised to find how much you will learn about yourself when you are somewhere far away from home. Witness the beauty of nature, relish a slower pace of life, connect with strangers, eat a delightful meal, and just enjoy being you.

The story behind Zam Zam water

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Zam Zam is the name of the well that provides blessed water to billions of people, have thirstily drunk from throughout history, especially during the Hajj pilgrimage.

Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) came to Makkah with his wife Haggar and their baby Ismail. He left his family there on Allah’s orders. Haggar and Ismail consumed all the water and Ismail started to cry Haggar was helpless, and started running from the top of one hill: AS’AFA to the next: ALMARWAH in search of help, Haggar did that 7 times then returned to Ismail when she heard a voice. She asked the voice for help.

Gabriel (pbuh) hit the ground and water came out Haggar covered the hole with sand to prevent the water from spilling out. That was Zamzam water a caravan was passing by the valley and noticed birds hovering around the water, which was never present before, so they requested Haggar’s permission to camp near the water.

This marked the beginning of Makkah civilization increased further after Ibrahim and Ismail (Peace Be upon Them) built the Holy Mosque. The Tribe Jurhum was the historical custodian of the Holy Mosque until the Tribe Khuz’ah took over. Around the 5th Century A.D. Qusay Ibn Kilab was the custodian of the Holy Mosque and Zamzam. Unfortunately the well was neglected and was eventually buried. Abdul Muttalib Ibn Hashim, the grandfather of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) dug the well once more after the event of the Elephant and Zamzam water emerged once again.

The story behind Zam Zam water will always enlighten many of us through the miracle of having been given such blessed water. A verse from The Holy QUR’AN, “O our Lord I have made some of my offspring to dwell in a valley without cultivation, by Thy Sacred House; in order, O our Lord, that they may establish regular Prayer: so fill the hearts of some among men with love towards them, and feed them with fruits: so that they may give thanks (Quran [Surah Ibrahim’14:37]).

PROPHET MUHAMMAD (pbuh) Hadith of Zam Zam water The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said “The best water on the face of the earth is the water of Zamzam; it is a kind of food and a healing from sickness” (Saheeh al-Jaami, 3302).

Feeling Blue, Cobalt Blue?

The weather is continuing to shatter our hopes of rocking bright coloured looks this Spring/ Summer. With Rain and Windy weather forecast to stay yet another month. A hot new colour has become apparent, everyone’s feeling blue right? why not try the electric cobalt blue and be a statement rather than a sore thumb this Spring/ Summer. Salaam Style has picked out five statement pieces of clothing and accessories from the local high street that have this seasons colour all over it.  So why not take the risk and rock the colour before someone else does?

Style Stalker! 5 Hijab friendly celebspired looks we love!

1. Colourful Sweaters

This season colour is the new black. From vibrant yellows to subtle pinks see how celebrities including Beyonce and Jessica Alba have worked this hot new look.

2.Caped Up Sophistication

A timeless trend and now is the perfect time to rock it right. So if you want to lift outerwear through the elegant force of a cape why not follow Nicole Scherzinger and Dianne Kruger and unleash your inner superwoman.

3. Wide Leg Wonder

Welcoming the refreshing change from tighter trousers. The seventies revival trend is back causing a powerful statement this season.  Celebrities including Victoria Beckham and Jenifer Lawrence have proved this look is powerful and here to stay.

4. Polka Dot Shirt

Bold spots plus a pretty feminine blouse has chic style written all over it. Celebrities including Chanel Iman have already joined the dots to discover girlishness done well.

5. The Boyfriend Coat

With the juxtaposition of the loose yet feminine effect of fierce tailoring. The oversized boyfriend coat is set to make your wardrobe the chicest ever. Follow the fierce trend with inspiration from Miranda Kerr and Rochelle Humes.