Six ways to love yourself and no longer let stress takeover!

We all have that problem that will never go away, that dress that will never fit, that pile of work in the corner that only seems to grow. Sometimes we let the smallest worries take over our lives and forget about loving ourselves. Remember to love yourself is one of the manifestations of God’s love in life. Salaam Style share six steps on how to convert stress into love.


 1. Goodbye

It’s always good to start to say goodbye to unaccomplished wishes, and unattained expectations from the past that have only caused you grief. It’s time to let go you deserve a fresh start.

Remember the old saying, “what is destined to reach you will reach you even if it is underneath the mountains, and what is not destined to reach you will not reach you even if it is already between your two lips.”

2. Positive Thinking

It may not sound like much, but it is helpful. This may be hard in the beginning, especially if you are a cynical person, but give it a try for a few days. Positive thinking will enable you with happiness and serenity from within. You may find that simple mundane things that caused stress before no longer adversely affect you.

3. Don’t under value and compare yourself to others

“He who undervalues himself is justly undervalued by others” – William Hazlitt. Put yourself first and stop comparing your life to others, it breeds you little but harsh judgments, frustrations, and despair. Accept the fact that everybody is destined to be different. Being grateful for everything you have will set your heart at peace. Nobody can do a better job of being you — except you!

Remember “Allah has already set for everything a [decreed] extent.” (65: 3)

4. Distribute kindness from within

“So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it” (99: 7).

Spread joy and happiness to others. There are lots of simple ways to do this. Give someone a smile. Donate to charity. Volunteer to be a teacher for unfortunate kids. Help an elderly person to cross the street. All in all, make it a habit to do good things, even when people do not see it. Live in a way such that when your children think of love, fairness, caring and integrity, they will think of you.

5. Focus on your achievements

People are often more likely to focus on their failures than their achievements (probably as some sort of self-protection in order to avoid future failures). It’s okay to acknowledge the things that didn’t go swimmingly, but if you really want to love yourself, you have to spend most of your time thinking about what you did right. And, remember, even the little things deserve a pat on the back.

6. Travel

Some people say: “Travel far enough and you will meet yourself.” If you find yourself having difficulty remembering when was the last time you went somewhere distant, it is time to pack your bags and go for an adventure. You will be surprised to find how much you will learn about yourself when you are somewhere far away from home. Witness the beauty of nature, relish a slower pace of life, connect with strangers, eat a delightful meal, and just enjoy being you.


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