The World Of Hijab House

Australian label Hijab House has recently announced they will be showcasing there debut collection in a mainstream fashion show at Fashfest in Canberra, Australia from April 30 to May 3 2014.

The brand that was established in 2010 by businessmen Taric Houchar has expanded and had a worldwide influence amongst the Muslim society as designs are based around sophistication, modesty and contemporary fashion for Muslim women. In the past six months alone, the Instagram site of the brand has grown from 8000 followers to 28,000.

Sophie Loader 25, that designs for the brand states she is not from the Islamic Muslim background but had developed a great perspective on culture and traditions.

 ‘‘The fashion is very contemporary at the moment because all these girls have been brought up in western society. Their parents have come out here and the girls have been born in Australia and they have very modern views about their religion,’’ Ms Loader said. ‘‘It’s a great time to open people’s eyes that there is a whole new generation of Muslims out there now.’’

As the brand continues to grow so do iconic designs that have a great influence of the emergence of eastern and western fashion EB-gal1024Fashfest-20140307114434207388-600x400 EB-gal1024Fashfest-20140307114602651344-600x400 EB-gal1024Fashfest-20140307114629235639-600x400 EB-gal1024Fashfest-20140307114652237329-600x400 EB-gal1024Fashfest-20140307114732275782-600x400 EB-gal1024Fashfest-20140307114800704874-600x400 EB-gal1024Fashfest-20140307114840442783-600x400


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