INAYAH: 5 Hijabi Looks One Place


The new trend that explores power dressing, colour crushes and sophisticated slouch at a whole new level.

INAYAH  products are designed and built upon three elements; Vintage, Ethnic and Contemporary.  Garments and accessories are created to compliment the diverse lifestyles of the women of today that seek to implement modesty into their dress code regardless of faith, without having to worry about layering and altering a design to fit their requirements.

Shahida Ali said, “We love to focus on combinations of various colours, textures and prints to produce the very best in terms of unique, modern, sophisticated and elegant modest wear. Our designs reflect distinct fusion of different periods in history, cultural art and high fashion, as well as current trends to offer you the ultimate modest fashion experience.”INAYAH_URBANE_EBONY_ABAYAINAYAH_ROSEATE_ABAYAINAYAH_ENSCONCE_ABAYAINAYAH_COALESCE_DRESSINAYAH_CASCADE_DRESSFind out more by visiting,








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