Breathable nail polish the new revolution by Inglot that answers your prayers!


Manicures have long posed a problem for Muslim women with prayers five times a day, and a pre-prayer ritual that requires washing the hands and arms, traditional fingernail polish has been mostly off limits because it prevents water from making contact with the nails.

A new ‘breathable’ nail polish by Polish company, Inglot, is transforming this view the polish allows air and moisture to pass freely through the nail.  Kashfa Afzal, age 22, a medical student from Birmingham, tested out the nail polish to find that it complies with Muslim law. She states “I can’t remember the last time I had polished my nails plus it’s a nice lightweight polish which doesn’t chip very easily, dried very fast and is very easy to remove

Inglot had faced initial scepticism upon release of the product as many reported it would be inaccurate if you apply more than one coat of polish. They have alternatively responded with a video (link below) that signifies an experimentation were the  polish actually allows oxygen to penetrate the silicone so that your nail can breathe as its  made from similar acrylic and silicon resin which is found in some contact lenses. The results should clear up most misconceptions that people may have had.

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