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Fashion Designer: Rabia Zargarpur on why ‘modesty is always in style’

United Arab Emirates based fashion designer Rabia Zargarpur who owns the world renowned label Rabia Z proves how modesty is always in style in her latest S/S14 collection.

Rabia has always depicted the hijab as a significant piece within her wardrobe whilst donning the hijab during her studies in the US. Rabia came to terms post 9/11 attacks on the hijab her response was to ‘design creative outfits for the modern Muslim woman.

Through her own incorporation of the hijab Rabia soon let it be heard as liberating modest fashion piece. Rabia recalls ‘It kind of became like a conversation piece and just like that I was able to give them this insight on hijab and Muslim women.’

Growing up in the UAE, Rabia designed clothes using her mother’s manufacturing unit. After completing a business degree, she studied fashion in New York. Years of researching and branding later, she created demand for her designs and finally launched her label Rabia Z online in 2007.

A creator in modestly-chic clothing, Rabia has collections that consist of colourful abayas and ready-to-wear outfits, including everything from casual to luxurious eveningwear. Her latest S/S14 designs from the Mukhawara Collection are inspired by the traditional dress, the Mukhawara, influenced by her rich Afghan-Arab heritage.

Rabia states, “I promote modesty…the fact is that we have to live in this life, in this society and in these trying times. Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has said to choose moderation and that’s what I see.”


Oscars hijab that made history

mod-3814-hijab_full_600                                                                                                            Zaineb Abdul-Nabi, far left,

Usually the Oscars are centred on couture glittery gowns and golden trophies.  However this time the spotlight was on Zaineb Abdul-Nabi the first Muslim American woman to have worn a hijab on the red carpet.

Ms. Abdul-Nabi, a 22 year-old-from the Bronx, New York, who is a student at the University of Michigan, was selected as one of six students who won the “Team Oscar” national film competition.

Thousands of college students had submitted short videos along with an essay demonstrating how they plan on contributing to the film industry. Abdul-Nabi’s produced a minute long video that details her hard work, creativity, and promise as an upcoming filmmaker.

At the red carpet event she stated her passion is to highlight “ordinary” people who are often misrepresented in the media.

The hijab proves to be a visible marker of success amongst the younger generation there really isn’t any limits we won’t explore.