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3 Easy steps to a trendy turban hijab

This trend has been around for a while it can never get old as the turban headscarf is the ultimate chic trend especially for the Spring/ Summer season so get practising with Salaam Styles 3 step guide.

Turban (1) Turban (2)  Turban (5) Turban (7)

1. First make sure all of your hair are tied up in a bun, bend your head over and pull the scarf over your head. Tie the ends of the scarf into a knot in the front, right at the centre of your forehead.

2.Twist the ends of the scarf around each other. Start from the base where you tied the knot and continue twisting until you reach the ends.

3.Pull the fabric back across your head. Tuck it underneath the scarf in the back, and make additional adjustments if necessary.

  • You may want to use bobby pins to help keep the turban in place.